End of year 2020

This is a summary of what happened in the pandemic year of 2020, the year we planed to finally travel.

The planning started about 1.5 years ago, we wanted to travel when I was on my parental leave, 3 months.
Travel to Italia, take an Atlantic cruise to Florida, and another cruise to Mexico, then back to Norway again.

Yet, it was not to be.

The year started off great, we had good cashflow in the company I work at, Checkin.no. We create event registration software, and handle all the financial side of it.
So we are deeply tied into the event marked, and we make money when our customers make money.

When the restrictions on social distancing and other restrictions was set in place, it hit us as most other. «everybody» cancelled the event, «everybody» wanted a refund. So we needed to think fast and react. Like many others, there was cutbacks, we only worked 40% for a short-term.

While on homeoffice we rushed to get a good foundation for webinars into our system, integrations with providers like Zoom, Teams and other. After a few months we launched our Zoom integrations for webinars on our platform, and thing started to pick up, we where nimble and fast, adapting to give our customers value on our platform. They also needed to change and adapt to the conditions before them.

On a personal note I want from being the developer and team leader to focusing on the developer part. The team leader part I was neglecting in favor to solving issues and getting things out the door. Standup meeting was not held each morning, my follow up on time registration on each developer was not good on my part.
I see in hindsight that I needed to prioritize differently, I wanted to go the path of a team leader, and has ended up as mediocre developer, rushing code out the door, saying Yes to many times, prioritizing my time wrong, and not following my own high standard of thing. I see, and catch myself slipping into a bad habits.

To many times have code I wrote lacked testing, and verification. Being subpar to my, and others standard. I catch myself jumping branches to try solving more and more issues, I want to be able to get the backlog down fast. Ship it, send it out the door. There is so much to do.

Fast is the issue I have come to find is my personal downfall, I need to slow down… I need to prioritize better… and I need to test and retest my code… I need to take my time…

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get. 

Lewis Carroll

I hope that by starting to write about my journey forward, I can realign and focus on being a better version of myself and move slowly towards my goals.

Here`s to a better version.

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